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wortley hall wedding band

Superufzz had a ball at the wedding of Emma and Pete on Saturday 26th March 2016 at Wortley Hall near Sheffield  .

This country pile has the luxury of a main stage, making the function room perfect for a live music event . Dating from the 16 th Century it has a palatial feel and Superfuzz highly recommend it . Emma and Pete ( bride and groom ) love their live music, especially Pete who ia a massive Oasis fan, and boy didn’t we know it .

Desperate appeals for more Oasis could be heard throughout the first set , so we decided to invite Pete and his best man on stage for a sing to Don’t look back in Anger and Cigarettes and alcohol .They approached both with gusto and was very well recieved by the assembled throng.

Pete was definitely on a roll that night and pleaded for a strum on our lead guitarists prized Les Paul. Unfortunately this particular request was met with a big fat no by our guitar player who could only see red lights and they spelt danger .

Anyway ,  the second set went down very well with the Artic Monkeys hitting the spot , it was Sheffield after all ! We left to smiling faces and kind words. Good luck Pete and Emma !


Just a note about singing and playing with the band .If you want to play guitar with us , please bring one with you. You can just plug into our amp and play along al night long if you wish. Singers are very welcome on stage as it adds to the entertainment and makes everyone feel a part of the show. Drummers amongst you will have to be frustrated I’m afraid , as my cymbals cost about £300 each and they can crack if hit by a burly beef cake; unless you bring your own of course . Bass players would also need to bring their own bass , but please get in touch beforehand and we can sort things out.

tatty bye peeps


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