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The top choice regarding Nottingham wedding bands is Superfuzz. Based in West Bridgeford , Superfuzz will keep your guest bopping all night long . Classic songs from the fifties and sixties including Roy Orbison and Elvis to modern floor fillers from by bands like the Killers and the Kings of Leon , Superfuzz have something in their locker for everyone . Constantly updating the band include all the latest artists including Lewis Capoldi , Ed Sheran and the Weekend 

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Weddings are family affairs and Superfuzz  encourage the guests to join in the performance during the night with guest singers and dancers on stage. Superfuzz have all the latest equipment including a 2k pa rig with high quality disco lights large enough to cope with cavernous rooms and marquees.

Being from the Nottingham area, Superfuzz are able to offer competetive pricing as there are no travelling or overnight costs to include.  You will also save an additional up to £200 by booking direct through the Superfuzz site. 

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we understand that booking Nottingham wedding bands is a massive decision and the choice is huge. Regarding live sound quality , we have recorded a live video ( click here ) which has no overdubs or wizardry . This is a true representation of the live sound of the band.

You can be assured we will turn up on time for you wedding , we will act in a professional manner and put on a truly special night you you and your guests. Because people are generally spending less now on weddings therefore having tighter budgets , the band offer a free disco service delivered from behind the drumkit . DJ Nige can take requests and will keep the party going in between sets . You can also book a full disco stand with extra lighting and lasers for an extra £100 . Please be aware we will need and extra 8 ft x 54 ft to do this.

Weddings rock with Superfuzz!

We’ve never understood why some bands turn their noses up at wedding gigs. To us it seems pretty obvious – you want to play for a crowd that is ready to have a good time, right? And where are you going to find a crowd that’s in a better mood than when they’ve just seen two of their friends or loved ones on the happiest day of their life? Weddings are the biggest party of the year for most people, and we regard them as our opportunity to be part of a celebration that people will, by definition, remember forever.

As one of the most popular Nottingham wedding bands, we have played at all the big local venues so many times that we feel like we might be part of the staff! Here are some of our favourites:

The Rufford Mill

In the grounds of Rufford Abbey country park, this venue used to be an actual mill which served the whole estate, but now it’s a nice open, light and airy space. The Talbot Suite is the function room there and it’s on the first floor. This means we need a bit more time to carry the gear in, but the views are fantastic and the atmosphere is unbeatable. It’s a few miles from Sherwood Forest, so it’s got that real countryside feel to it, but it’s easy enough to get there and back.

Colwick Hall

Probably one of the nicest hotels around, in a converted country house with a great big park all around it. It’s a bit funny playing there really, as on a normal day we probably wouldn’t be let in the door, but when there’s a wedding on in Nottingham we just have to show up and the manager just says “oh all right, it’s you lads again, is it?” If you want to get people up and dancing, where better than an actual honest-to-goodness ballroom? Apparently this used to be Lord Byron’s ancestral home, so it’s already got a real rock and roll pedigree!

The Nottingham Belfry

The Nottingham Belfry is a bit more modern and stylish. It’s one of the biggest hotel and conference centres in the region, so it’s got space for a really big celebration. It’s also the closest to East Midlands Airport, which matters if you’ve got a lot of international guests. There’s about a dozen different function rooms in this hotel so even we haven’t seen everything it’s got to offer, but everyone there is ever so professional and well-organised. Some of the best wedding gigs we have ever played have been there.

Anyway, we can’t speak for the whole of the country, but we’ve rarely been to a Nottingham wedding where a good time wasn’t had by all. From the romantic first dance to the smoochy tunes at the end, with a lot of old favourites and new hits in between, we’ll always do our bit to make the night unforgettable. As far as we’re concerned, weddings rock!

If you search on the internet , you will find a multitude of Nottingham wedding bands , but how do you know which one will be right for you ?

Quality – The main reason to book a band is that they sound good , do you like the voice of the vocalist ? A band is only as good as the singer . ( check out our soundclips here )

Songs- Does the set list look fresh and does it include all your favourite party songs , will it encourage your guests to dance .

Video – Does the band have any live video. many function bands use backing tracks on their profiles , and sound nothing like their mp3 s live . A recording studio can muli layer vocals and instruments . ( Suprfuzz has a number of live clips on youtube )

Agents – Does the band have a good reputation . Do they work for agents ? If they do, they will have been vetted and will be of a high standard. ( Nottingham wedding band Superfuzz is on a number of agencies , ask for details )

Does the band have PLI insurance if something goes wrong . At weddings and Parties , there is a danger of guests getting drunk and damaging equipment and themselves , so always check (Superfuzz has both PLI and PATT test certification)

Superfuzz have performed at

Swancar Farm

Bestwood Country Lodge

Glee club

Colwick Hall Hotel

Nottingham Belfrey

Double Tree by Hilton