Milton Keynes function band


Milton Keynes function band Superfuzz really had a whizz of a time at Cosgrove Park near Milton Keynes on the 6th August 2016

Cosgrove Park is a caravan park just outside Milton Keynes , boasting fabulous facilities for the weekend camping fraternity.

A big lake , fish and chip shop , kids rides and superb toilets , what more could you want I here you cry ; but I’ve never been a camping fan myself as my one and only camping excursion coincided with Britain’s one and only hurricane weekend  . I was therefore unsure of the appeal. However after having a good look round,  I once again started to feel attracted to the country air and the swish of canvass.

I was also  of the firm opinion that Milton Keynes had as much to offer as Stalingrad , but I was totally wrong again! Milton Keynes is quite countrified on the outskirts and Ive decided that  camping on the Cosgrove park would definitely ease ones weekly stresses and make ones trials and tribulations disappear into the smokey haze of the camp fire. 

enough bla de bla

It seemed strange not to be performing a wedding setlist and we included a few rockier numbers that we wouldn’t normally play

We included some G & R and AC/DC , but it was however , Oasis-  ‘Don’ look back in anger that hit the spot with our assembled guests. This iconic song never fails to arouse the most sluggish crowd and we rounded off with Sex on Fire and Mr Brightside


Milton Keynes wedding band Superfuzz performing at Cosgrove Park






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