Manchester function band

Manchester no 1 wedding band SuperfuzzLooking for a Manchester function band to perform at your Wedding ? You’ve come to the right place. Superfuzz are a top quality wedding band available for hire in Manchester and the Lancashire area .Superfuzz are a 4 piece band with great prices for Summer 2020.

Fabulous songs new and old , Superfuzz have something for everyone . From the Beatles and Elvis to modern floor fillers by the likes of Rag and Bone man and Ed Sheran .Click here to hear our soundclips .  Superfuzz look to keep your guests on the dancefloor all night long. Superfuzz have a wealth of experience in the music Industry and have played hundreds of functions throughout the UK . Superfuzz have a powerful live sound backed up by a 2 k sound rig with top quality disco lights , big or small enough for any room size. 

In Peter Archibald ,Superfuzz have a charismatic truly talented singer who’s range allows him to feature powerful ballads , gutsy rock songs and classic Motown.
Superfuzz have a strong setlist which features all the top party songs , from classic rock n roll to modern artistes ,ED Sheeran , Bruno Mars and George Ezra to name just a few. Superfuzz use two lead singers with Martin covering the Indie and Britpop with Peter covering the Motown / 50s and 60s.

Superfuzz ave various packages for different sized venues and offer discounts for out of season and remember you will save on agency fees by booking Superfuzz through the Superfuzz site. Click here for details .

Be assured Superfuzz will turn up to your event , on time and be courteous to all,. We will be smartly attired for the performance and act in a professional manner at all times. We endeavour to answer enquiries within a few hours and will tailor our performance to your guests. We also try to be inclusive and will invite singers up to perform with us if they so wish. We also welcome muscians to join in and welcome guest spots from uncles , aunties and all. We hope to make your night truly unforgettable and special. 

Manchester function bands including Superfuzz are legally required by law to have public liability insurance and have all their equipment patt tested You can be assured superfuzz are fully compliant with these legal obligations

Superfuzz are a top Manchester function band and are available direct through the website


we understand that booking Manchester function band is a massive decision and the choice is huge. Regarding live sound quality , we have recorded a live video ( click here ) which has no over tracks or wizardry . This is a true representation of the live sound of the band. 

You can be assured we will turn up on time for you wedding , we will act in a professional manner, be courteous and put on a truly special night you you and your guests.

Because people are generally spending less now on weddings therefore having tighter budgets , the band now offer a free disco service delivered from behind the drumkit.

Furthermore , there is absolutely  no need to book a DJ. Using professional Virtual Dj software with a huge catalogue of songs , you can send your disco song request in and we will be happy t play them. You can also book a full disco stand with extra lighting and lasers for an extra £100 . Please be aware we will need and extra 8 ft x 54 ft to do this. 

Northampton Wedding bands including Superfuzz are legally obliged by regulation to have Public Liability insurance and have all their  electrical appliances patt tested yearly .  You can be assured  the band are fully compliant with the legislation