Boughton house Geddlington


Superfuzz had the privilege of performing at the wedding of Charles Montague Scott , youngest  son of Richard Scott ,  10th Duke of Buccleuch and 12th Duke of Queensberry. Just down the road from our very own Martin Dennison, Boughton House is a beautiful palatial residence just outside Kettering.  A cavernous marquee greeted the band at Boughton House Geddington which is not always good news acoustically: as all the sound is usually muffled by the drapes and dissipates away from the dance floor. Only allowed the briefest of sound checks we were crossing everything that the sound would be OK .


The first dance was 500 miles, and all was well thankfully.  Flora ( bride ) and Charles swung their arms around with absolute gusto and everyone joined in for a good jump around. I do like a good jumping around on a first dance , it makes such a change from the usual smooch. One track that has been hard wired into our setlist is Sweet Caroline which pulls everyone onto the floor like moths to s flame. It’s power is incredible, young and old come together for this double cheese burger with extra cheese. It’s hypnotic qualities are so strong the Marquee nearly exploded on the chorus.

Milton Keynes wedding band Superfuzz performing at Cosgrove Park

It is like a new national anthem at the moment, but why?  The answer must surely be in the uplifting lyrics and rousing chorus.  Neil Diamond has written a timeless classic and we at Superfuzz take our hats off in admiration,  not that we admit to liking it,  far too cool for that.

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